Methow Valley Public School Funding Alliance
Previous Years' Projects

    Our Mission: Public School Funding Alliance, through community donations, enriches the learning environment for all Methow Valley public school students so that every student has equal access to a high quality education.

Projects Funded


Methow Valley Elementary School

    Basic Education Materials
    Books & literacy materials for K-2 classroom & literacy library
    Literature portfolios for all students grades 1-6

    Title I books and math materials
    Classroom enrichment materials
    Spelling program Words Their Way

    Academic Enrichment
    Cub Club: after-school program for grades 3-6
    Lewis and Clark Traveling Trunks for 3rd grade
    “Hands-On History” program for 5th grade
    “Colonial Williamsburg” online field trip series
    Math is Cool grades 4-6 coordinator
    Science fair
    Poetry classes

    Art and Music
    Suzuki violin classes grades 3-4
    Fire Ecology Mural
    Music of the Old West history and music program
    Fourth grade drawing class
    Third grade weaving class
    Maskmaking art residency

    Outdoor Education
    Let ‘Em Ride: riding lessons for special education students
    Sixth grade Bugs and Beauty field trip
    Grades 1-2 field trip to Paschal Sherman

Liberty Bell Junior/Senior High School

    Basic Education Materials
    Hands-on junior high math materials
    Junior high language arts workbooks
    Shakespeare books for English 10
    Materials for permanent mounting of 4 projectors for teaching & student presentations

    Academic Enrichment
    Tutoring program coordinator
    Video camera for high school science
    Summer junior high math/English intensive class
    Holocaust Education Assembly and books
    Technology for high school math instruction
    Special education “Rubrics for Transitions” program
    Fifteen heart monitors for physical education classes
    Junior high “Visit from William Clark” history assembly
    A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words photography, poetry and book arts project
    Poetry classes
    National Honor Society trip to Seattle

    Art and Music
    Art and recyling project for special education students
    High school art program supplies

    Outdoor Education
    Watershed watchers/Pipestone Canyon junior high field trips

    Community-building groups
    Books for professional learning for teachers

Alternative High School

    Graduation ceremony expenses
    Cartooning class

District-wide Programs
    Art and Music
    Faust Mask Theatre
    Hip hop poetry residencies
    Pipestone String Orchestra grades 5-8

    Outdoor Education
    Classroom in Bloom: A Schoolyard Garden

    Principals’ Discretionary Funds



Methow Valley PSFA