Methow Valley Public School Funding Alliance


Previous Years' Projects

    Our Mission: Public School Funding Alliance, through community donations, enriches the learning environment for all Methow Valley public school students so that every student has equal access to a high quality education.

Projects Funded

District-Wide Programs

    Classroom in Bloom
    Let 'Em Ride: horse back riding for special ed students
    Family Empowerment Counselor

Methow Valley Elementary School

    Academic Enrichment
    Cub Club after-school program
    Spanish classes grades K-5
    Science Fair and Save the Frogs program
    Books for primary classroom libraries
    Young Writers’ Conference
    Grow lights for kindergarten/primary science

    Book Fair

    Art and Music
    Suzuki violin classes grades 3-4
    Methow Arts programs

    Outdoor Education
    Bugs and Beauty field trip
    Paschal Sherman Indian School Sunflower Festival trip

Liberty Bell Junior/Senior High School

    Academic Enrichment
    Tutoring and Lunch Buddies programs coordinator
    College advisor
    Brainology online course for junior & senior high school math
    Visit with Sgt. Patrick Gass of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
    English 11 book review project
    Apollo 13 – 40th Anniversary project
    Performing The Diary of Anne Frank

    Junior Close-Up Trip to Washington DC
    Books for junior high English class
    College Tour

    Art and Music
    Seventh grade photography, poetry & bookmaking project
    Honoring Sean McCabe Project
    High school opera trip
    Methow Arts programs

    Outdoor Education
    Junior High Watershed Watchers at Big Valley field trip

    Principal's fund

Independent learning Center

    Room One programs
    GED exam fees assistance
    Graduation ceremony expenses



Methow Valley PSFA