Methow Valley Public School Funding Alliance


"Thank you so much for all of the support that you offer to our students and staff. Because of your generous donations, we are able to make things better for families in our valley."
- Debbie Bair, Liberty Bell Jr/Sr High School Secretary  
"I wanted to extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to PSFA for providing us with funds for a classroom library at the Independent Learning Center. The library is proving to be a smashing success. All of the 9th and 10th graders have found themselves 'hooked' by a great book. It is so satisfying to me to have students ask for silent reading time in our library."
- Sara Mounsey, ILC Teacher
In our case, faster is better!  Design Tech students are able to use memory intensive CAD software programs such as SolidWorks, ArchiCad, Revit Architecture, Rhinoceros and Chief Architect with much more ease because of the 4GB of RAM installed on every computer in the LBHS Computer Lab, thanks to the PSFA grant.  The time waiting for rendered views of projects is greatly reduced, allowing students to track their progress more effectively, freeing up more time for learning new skills and creative output.  Thanks so much.  
 - Bob Wilson, Design Technology Instructor
"Thank you so much for your support of school children. Their learning experiences are very enhanced by the materials that PSFA makes available. As a teacher, I appreciate your partnership with us in giving students the best learning opportunities possible and adding to the quality of the public schools."     
- Kathy Williams, 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

"I plan on continuing this project because it helps make math relevant for students when they see a variety of occupations
and the amount of math that goes into any particular job. Thank you for allowing me another way to stress the importance of mathematics in my students’ everyday lives! "
- Carrie Fink, Liberty Bell Jr High Math Teacher about the "Mathematics in Careers" program

I want to thank PSFA for all of the contributions they make towards enriching the educational experience for our public school kids. In my classroom this year, I requested a small amount for the purchase of math games. These math games encourage kids to think about math in new and creative ways. While playing these games, students are developing important skills to help them be successful in math: pattern recognition, spatial awareness, geometry, strategy building, critical thinking skills, reinforcing counting skills and teamwork. These games have been a great way to enrich my math time! We appreciate all you do!              
- Kelly van Bueren, 4th Grade Teacher

PSFA funds a 7th grade poetry/photography/book making project that the students complete as the first unit in 7th grade English class. Linda Robertson visits the class to introduce the world of poetry. She always begins the class with an engaging poem to discuss with the students and she creates very creative poem assignments for the students to write. This year PSFA funding allowed me, the English teacher, to team up with Robin Nelson-Wicks, the photography teacher, to enable the 7th graders to collaborate with the High School Photography students. The students took pictures to complement the poems they wrote with Linda. The funding also allows Laura Gunnip to come into the classroom and introduce the students to a variety of book-making techniques. She then leads the students through a process that ends with each student creating their very own book in which to compile their poems and photographs.

This project is many students' highlight for the year and they each save and cherish their books. Thank you for the unique opportunity for students to combine art, photography, poetry and design!    
- Dani Golden,
Jr High English Teacher

I am extremely grateful to the PSFA for making available to ALL the children in this community the ability to learn to play a string instrument.  A lifelong musician myself, I am convinced of the benefits of studying music, and specifically of learning to play classical music.  There are many studies now that show how music  enhances a child's learning capacity for math and science.  I believe that the process and discipline of learning to master an instrument have much more far-reaching benefits, including the ability to be efficient and organized with time and energy, tolerance of others, respect, patience, concentration, cultivating art,  the list goes on..

.It would be so easy, in this small school district to just throw up our hands and say, "we just don't have the resources for this program."  I am aware through my colleagues in other small communities that this is exactly what happens.  But the Methow Valley is unique.  Programs like the Suzuki Strings in the school can change a child's life! I have to bring up here that because the PSFA has been so consistent in their support of this program for so many years, the LBHS music program had to add a string orchestra to their in-school curriculum in order to satisfy the interest of their music students.  You make a difference!
 - Pam Hunt, Strings Program Instructor

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