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PSFA helping fund cool programs in the Methow Valley School District, WA State
  --- Many thanks to all our donors for investing in our children's education! Your gift makes a real difference for our public school students. ---  

Mission Statement: Public School Funding Alliance, through community donations, enriches the learning environment for all Methow Valley public school students so that every student has equal access to a high quality education.

Community donations to Public School Funding Alliance support creative new programs and imaginative classroom materials that enrich our students’ public school experience. Since 2003, community support has funded almost $800,000 greatly expanding the money available for enrichment in our school district.


PSFA helps launch multi-year library upgrade at Methow Valley Elementary Teachers Adam Kaufman, Jane Orme,and David Aspholm with books purchased with a PSFA grant.

Last year’s graduating class of seniors represented a landmark for Public School Funding Alliance. They were in kindergarten when PSFA was founded, and they are the first class of students who have received the benefit of PSFA’s educational enrichment programs throughout their academic careers.

Through contributions from hundreds of generous donors over the past 12 years, PSFA has funded almost $800,000 in programs and materials to advance learning in all subject areas and at all grade levels.

Each year, PSFA has the privilege of funding new and innovative programs to expand learning opportunities in our schools. During the coming school year, PSFA is excited to help launch a multi-year initiative to upgrade the library at Methow Valley Elementary School. The result will be creation of a valuable resource center that provides materials that are up-to-date and relevant to the topics students are studying.

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