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PSFA helping fund cool programs in the Methow Valley School District, WA State
  --- PSFA is launching its annual fundraising campaign to raise money to expand and enrich education for students in our public schools. We hope you’ll invest in our kids with a donation this year! ---  

Mission Statement: Public School Funding Alliance, through community donations, enriches the learning environment for all Methow Valley public school students so that every student has equal access to a high quality education.

Community donations to Public School Funding Alliance support creative new programs and imaginative classroom materials that enrich our students’ public school experience. Since 2003, community support has funded almost $800,000 greatly expanding the money available for enrichment in our school district.


PSFA supports learning opportunities throughout the school yearFifth grade student Addison Stratman shares with her kindergarten buddy, Cora Fisher, the "Earth and Beyond" book she created as part of a PSFA-funded project.

Each spring and fall, Public School Funding Alliance (PSFA) invites teachers, school staff and community members to submit funding requests for programs and materials that enrich education for students in Methow Valley public schools.

Grants approved during the regular funding cycles for this academic year range from $250 for a rock climbing program at the Independent Learning Center, to $30,000 for International Baccalaureate (IB) teacher training, funded through a designated gift.

The bulk of PSFA’s funding is allocated in spring and fall, but throughout the school year unanticipated educational opportunities and needs come up – from transportation for field trips to teaching materials. To help teachers and community members capture opportunities for innovative approaches to learning and meet educational needs, PSFA has a small grant program that provides funding throughout the year for requests of up to $200.

Over the past two years, PSFA has provided more than $2,000 in small grants for programs and materials that enhance education and that aren’t able to be funded through the district budget.

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